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The Open Yeshiva was established to assist those not affiliated with any specific Jewish denomination to acquire Torah learning and rabbinic skills, leading to ordination.


It is open to anyone irrespective of age, sex or nationality


The Open Yeshiva is the online annex of the “Yeshiva Ateret Tzvi”, a private institute of advanced Jewish Studies situated in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


The syllabus of the Open Yeshiva consists of traditional rabbinic texts. In addition there are special facilities for the study of Kabbalah, Hassidut, Hasidic Music and Hazanut - Cantorial chants.




Rabbi J. Hershy Worch believes the secret of being real is to accept who you are, and that is what hasidism is all about. It is both the easiest and the hardest spiritual path a person can walk.


Hershy comes from a European Hassidic family. He went to school in England in the 1960's, and finished yeshiva in the 1970's. He worked as a landscape painter in Safed and as a portrait painter in NYC in the 1980s. He was called to rabbinics in the 1990's. Rabbi Worch is a bit of a renaissance man: he writes, he paints, he composes and performs his own music and poetry.


His Jewish and scholarly publications include SACRED FIRE: Torah From The Years of Fury, 1939 - 42, a translation of Esh Kodesh, the Piacezna Rebbe’s Torah written in the Warsaw Getto published by Jason Aronson. THE KABBALIST HAGGADAH, a handbook of the Passover Seder, published by Spirit Of The Desert. MY SOUL THIRSTS, a CD of his songs, My Soul Thirsts. 


Hershy has the gift of tapping into the source of Simcha/Joy and sharing this Simcha with his teaching, his music, and his friendships.


He received S’micha/Ordination  from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, whose teachings, music, spirit and example are a never-ending source of abundance.


Rabbi Hershy Worch teaches classical texts, Jewish Music - Nusach, and Kabbalah.

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